Welcome to Zinc Innovation Shout November

Ever wondered what the most comfortable shoe in the world is? Neither, but now that I've included it in this month's innovation shout it may just peak your interest. As well as that is a zero carbon Hong Kong McDonalds, and much more. Enjoy.

Unique One-Legged Treehouse Holiday Home in Estonia

The architectural brief was for elevated accommodation — so at the start of the project four design options were explored, with only one involving a cantilever and the ‘one-leg’ approach, a sort of wild-card ‘dream big’ idea...more

World's Most Comfortable Eco-Friendly Footwear

Clogs get a bad rap because ‘a certain brand’ tarnished their reputation with excessive marketing and overstyling. The truth is, these are some of the most comfortable shoes ever made, and ACTMOS is helping solidify that reputation even more...more

Inside McDonald’s Hong Kong’s new Leed zero-carbon restaurant

The Tai Wo location recently became Hong Kong’s first Leed Zero Carbon restaurant, and the design is estimated to save 848.22 metric tonnes of CO2 at the restaurant...more

Apple Pencil stealthily integrates USB-C at a discount

Apple finally announced a new Apple Pencil, and to get it out of the way early – no, it’s not the long-awaited Apple Pencil 3. Instead, the newest Apple Pencil is more like a mid-gen refresh with a few missing features and a seemingly tighter...more

UGREEN Debuts 2400W Power Station with a Unique Trolley Design For On-The-Go Convenience

It might look like a travel case, but it's more valuable than one. With an output of 2400W, a battery capacity of 2048Wh, and as many as 16 different ports...more

Thank you for the attention. See you next month for a new version of the Innovation Shout. Happy innovating! 

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