Everyday is an opportunity to be better 

At Zinc, we believe anyone who comes into contact with Zinc should be 'better off' for the experience. Why? Because it's just a better way to do business. Good business isn't only about profit, it's about creating sustainable value for all of our stakeholders. We want to share the value we create; that means giving back. 

The Cambodian Kids Foundation (CKF) is the primary recipient of our self-imposed social levy- including volunteering, fundraising and special projects. CKF is a 100% volunteer operated, non-political, non-religious, not-for-profit foundation. CKF believe that in order to change the future of Cambodia, they must nurture the youngest generation of Cambodians and empower them to be the leaders of tomorrow, and we agree. 



What we do 

Every year we gather a Mishcam (mission: Cambodia) team of Zinc staff as well as Zinc clients and send them on a life changing adventure. Once in Cambodia, the team work directly with the CKF and work with rural communities where, over the many years has seen one of the poorest villages transform to now be home to an amazing school for all children. 


Why we do it 

We believe in sharing value with stakeholders, client and the community; which is why it’s so important for us to give back to a part of the world that our business is so active in.