Out of adversity comes opportunity, so it’s fascinating to see how different businesses and industries are adapting to keep doors open, games played and customers happy. Please enjoy this round-up of innovations that caught our eye this month.

5 Leaders Reflect On How The Pandemic Has Reshaped Their Thinking

For some authors, much of their original thinking is now more relevant and valuable than ever. And for others, this question sparked new ideas and rich insights about design-led business that can help leaders face this moment with resilience, courage, and creativity. Here are their thoughts on what their original ideas mean in the context of the present moment…more


Finnish Hockey League Restarts Via E-Sports

The top Finnish Hockey League has decided to hold its playoffs as an e-sports competition…more


How We’ll Experience Live Sports After COVID-19

Top executives at the NBA, Major League Soccer, and more describe a touchless, wait-less, and possibly even more connected and diverse future…more


Disney Wants To Help Brands Reach Its Black And Brown Audience More Effectively

A new partnership with Translation aims to meet brands’ urgency to connect with culture—and more diverse consumers…more


This Browser Extension Shows You The Carbon Footprint Of Your Amazon Purchases

When you shop on Amazon, you might look around the site for the best price, or read a product’s reviews to see if it’s really worth buying. With a new browser extension called Neutral, you can also check the carbon footprint of that item and weigh up whether that purchase is worth the environmental cost…more


Carbon Fibre Waste Turned Into High-Performance Surfboards 

Combining aerospace engineering and chemistry, the JUC Surf team found a way to turn scraps of carbon fibre into flexible, strong, high-quality surfboards…more


Ikea Launches Quirky Limited-Edition Mindfulness Range

Ikea Australia has joined forces with five clever Aussies to create a series of mini flatpack ‘Mindsets’, which allow users to immerse themselves in 15 minutes of mindful activity…more


IKEA And The LEGO Group Introduce BYGGLEK

IKEA and the LEGO Group announced their much-anticipated collaboration. The two brands joined forces to create BYGGLEK, a playful storage solution. Consisting of a series of storage boxes with LEGO studs and a special LEGO brick set, the new BYGGLEK collection aims to encourage play and infuse more fun into storage around the home…more


Citizen Wolf Wins Gold At The Good Design Awards 

Fashion is the second-most destructive business on earth behind oil, so cleaning up the industry is critical to the planet. Yet the unspoken irony of most ‘sustainable’ fashion brands that still run a mass manufacturing model (which almost all do) is that they’re plagued by the same structural issues of overproduction, inaccurate forecasting and landfill as the rest of the industry…more


These Cinema-Seats Were Designed To Isolate Movie-Goers In A Post-Covid World 
The Sequel Seat was designed as a direct response to the corona virus crippling movie-theatres and their enclosed, highly-packed spaces. The Sequel Seat boasts a unique set of features, designed to make movie-going safer. The seats, made to be modular, come with partitions, storage space for your belongings, and self-sanitising seat fabric in an effort to make it safer for patrons…more

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