Welcome to Zinc Shout April 2021.

Hello and welcome to this month's wrap-up of the innovations that have caught our eye recently. There are clever ideas to help us deal with our Covid reality as well as a focus on looking after our oceans and rivers, amongst a bunch of other cool ideas and thinking - enjoy!

In This Poetic Underwater Film Sea Life Becomes The Very Pollution That Threatens It

In this dystopian underwater landscape, animals become the very pollution and plastic that threatens them. schools of discarded filp flops take the place of fish, plastic forks and straws become embedded elements of plant life, a blowfish expands in its bubble wrap body and an eel slithers through the sea with a skin made of rubber tires. meanwhile, a pod of whales emerges from the abyss in the form of a group of enormous plastic bottles — their translucent bodies making their way through a swarm of plastic bag jellyfish... more

Screen-Printed E-Textile Uses Sweat And Motion To Power Small Devices

A team of nanoengineers from the University of California San Diego have created a wearable, energy-generating microgrid... more

Building Togetherness In The Face Of Disaster

A ten year study into the aftermath of the Black Saturday bushfires highlights the importance of community and connection in what is a lesson for current and future disaster recovery efforts... more

Meet The Biodegradeable, Seed-Impregnated Face Mask

After weeks of tripping over all the blue disposable masks, a graphic designer in Utrecht came up with the idea of ​​a 100% biodegradable face mask with flower seeds embedded in it… more

Portable Device Turns Water Into Sanitiser

A team of Ukrainian scientists have developed the first pocket-size device that turns water into sanitiser. “IOON” is completely autonomous, turning water into sanitiser in just one second, with no apparent side effects... more

These Cheese Alternatives Aren't Plant Based - They're Microbe Based

A sample of shredded mozzarella from a new company called Superbrewed Food tops a personal pizza, and it’s gooey and stretchy, with a slightly salty tang. The core protein of the cheese isn’t made with dairy, but neither is it plant-based. It’s made, instead, with microbes... more


Meet AWA - The Soap That Cleans Rivers

Andea, the mineral water brand of Cusco, Peru, and its creative agency Fahrenheit DDB, introduce ‘AWA: the soap that cleans the rivers,’ a soap bar that improves the quality of water... more



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