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An entire NFT museum is on the market

It seems everyday NFTs are undergoing enhancement, furthering their meteoric rise. The latest innovation in the digital collectible market comes from the art world, naturally: a whole digital museum in the form of an NFT... more


8i shows off its real-time holograms

Today 8i showed off its technology for quickly rendering volumetric video for real-time hologram images. The Venice, California-based company makes tools that capture, transform, and stream holograms using volumetric or 3D video... more


Google gives clearer picture of supply chain visibility using digital twin tech

Supply chain visibility continues to be lacking in many companies today, despite the increased usage of technologies to illuminate the process, such as automation or blockchain. Most businesses still rely on multiple applications and old-school methods in keeping track of their inventories, stocks, and so forth... more


Beer company hosts tournament to fish out plastic in Mexico

The Gulf of Mexico hosts some of the highest concentrations of marine plastic in the world according to a study by Louisiana State University. AB Inbev beer brand Corona recently held a Plastic Fishing contest in Mexico to highlight the county’s issue with plastic pollution.... more


Adidas has created a billboard for women to swim in

Adidas wants to encourage more women in the Middle East to swim. Despite the preponderance of lovely beaches, a recent survey found that only 12 per cent of women in the UAE are comfortable wearing a swimsuit, and 59 per cent of women aged 18-42 felt that the media creates an unattainable body image of female swimmers. So, when Adidas launched its inclusive swimwear collection, they decided to create a campaign to encourage the acceptance of difference... more


Smart wound dressings with built-in healing sensors

The multifunctional, antimicrobial dressings feature fluorescent sensors that glow brightly under UV light if infection starts to set in and can be used to monitor healing progress. The smart dressings, developed by a team of RMIT scientists and engineers, harness the powerful antibacterial and antifungal properties of magnesium hydroxide. They are cheaper to produce than silver-based dressings but equally as effective in fighting bacteria and fungi, with their antimicrobial power lasting up to a week... more


Researchers explore the benefits of lab grown coffee

Finland’s VTT research institute has been studying producing lab-grown coffee, using cells harvested from real plants. Recent milestones involved the researchers producing its very first cup of lab-grown coffee, which the researchers reporting its authentic flavor and taste.... more

Takeaway: Around 10 billion kilograms of coffee are produced each year in the world. Meeting coffee demands has already seen the deforestation of vast areas, as coffee plants require a lot of direct sunlight. Research has also found coffee to be vulnerable to climate change. That means that a lot of the land currently used to produce coffee will become less suitable in a warmer world. Given these events, lab-grown coffee seems like a smart move.


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